Over the past years, the business landscape has changed in Nigeria and many parts of Africa. As a result, many Nigerian businesses are going online.

So many business opportunities and startup business ideas viable in Nigeria and all over Africa are springing up faster than ever before, and so, you’d be regarded unfortunate if you don’t join the entrepreneurs starting an online business in Nigeria or Africa today.

Instead of asking “what are the best online business ideas in Nigeria or Africa?” and searching endlessly for an answer, here are 10 profitable online business ideas you can start in Nigeria or Africa today:

1). Blogging:

This is becoming one of the fastest growing online business ideas in Nigeria. If you have a flare for a particular topic and are a great writer, you can set up a blog and start writing on that topic. Writing to suit your target audience is the most important part of blogging. You must write the way they understand, so they can easily connect with what you’re telling them. This will ensure you have a loyal audience that’s there to stay.

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2). E-Book Publishing:

People go online to download thousands of e-books every day in Nigeria. People are also looking for guides on various subjects and topics, while many others just enjoy reading a lot of books.

If you’re a great writer that’s vast in a particular skill people are willing to learn, you can write a detailed e-book on that and have your work published. With a great marketing plan and execution, you’d make money from every purchase of your e-book in Nigeria, Africa, and all over the world.

3). Affiliate Marketing:

A great advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to spend a dime to set it up. What you do in affiliate marketing is to promote other people’s products and services from your website or any other means. Every time your link is clicked and a purchase is completed, you’d get paid.

So if you have a large following on Twitter, Facebook, or a website with some traffic, you can harness your audience and start your affiliate marketing gigs for any company selling, and start earning revenues with every successful sale.

Some companies in Nigeria looking for affiliate marketers are Konga, Jumia, and several others.

4). E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce):

Buying and selling online is getting bigger than ever before in Nigeria. With many businesses coming online every month, Nigeria’s e-commerce business market is exploding.

Many businesses and individuals are generating millions of Naira in revenue every month from running e-commerce companies. You too can jump on the bandwagon.

You can start an e-commerce business from home without owning a single item by simply reselling other people’s items like books, clothing, accessories, etc. and over time, you can start stocking your own merchandise.

This is one of the fastest growing online business ideas in Nigeria.

5). Advertising Network (AD Networks):

The basic concept with Advertising Networks is to feature advertisers ads on websites that are willing to have the Advertising Network’s Ads show on their websites. A perfect example of this online business is Google Adwords. People advertise through Google, and it shows up on many websites at the same time. If you have the resources, a niche idea, and a wide network of websites to partner with, you can also start an ad network.

6). Web Design:

With a lot of Nigerian businesses going online, a lot of people & businesses are seeking the services of professional web designers. Without a great looking website, many customers will not trust what you have to offer on your website. Because of this, the demand for really good web designers is rising, leading to higher fees for the designers. Some even earn as low as 50,000 Naira ($166.67) to as much as 1,200,000 Naira ($4000) for a web project.

Web design is one great business you can start from your home in Nigeria. All you need is a good computer, sound training, and a sample website to get started.

7). Online Market Place:

This involves selling your products on online marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, BestDealNaija and several others. Selling on marketplaces saves you advertisement costs and marketing stress.

You can start selling on online marketplaces from your home in Nigeria today.

8). Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO):

Many online businesses in Nigeria are now racing to get their businesses on the first page of google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being a tricky trade has got many scampering around to find professionals that can help them get to the top ten results on Google in the shortest time possible.

With many companies paying a lot of money to SEO experts, using your SEO technical know-how to get any web page to rank on the top ten results on the first page of Google would get you in business.

9). Social Media Marketing:

Social media consultants are helping Nigerian companies grow their revenues and get extra relevant on social media. They employ strategies ranging from social virality to pure user engagement.

Social media consultants help businesses make their customers on social media feel like family. Their services are too vital for the success of any business’ image on social media and the internet as a whole.

10). Trading Forex:

Forex trading has over the years proven itself to be a viable source of income for many stay-at-home Nigerians. With the right training, a computer, an internet connection and a little startup capital, you can start growing your revenues from trading forex.


What are your thoughts on these 10 profitable online business ideas you can start in Nigeria or Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.