Good morning world,

Is not new that every one of us deals with the darkness inside of us. The darkness of challenges, the darkness of choices, the darkness of trust, the darkness of fear, the darkness of the future we hope to see, the darkness of who to love and who loves us.

We can’t shy away from all these darkness but we also need to pay attention to us that carry the darkness. A lot of us let those darkness takes aways the beauty of our lives, makes us see ugly in beautiful things and places, makes us not see POSSIBILITIES in ENABLE PROGRESS. It makes us LOST DETAILS in EVERYTHING without reminding us to JUST DO IT and get things done.

Am here this morning to let you know that there is beauty in unexpected places, there are light hiding by that darkness. You just have to believe that there are bright places in dark time even if there isn’t you can be the bright place with the infinite capacities that spring inside you.

Just be the light to your darkness and stop worrying about what will happen. You don’t have to climb a mountain to stand on top of the world. The ugliest of places can be beautiful as long as you take the time to look. Just remember is OK to get lost as long as you find yourself a way back home.


Writer: Amuludun Toyosola MROWL

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