Meet Olawale Omotoso: CEO – Flair Underwear (First Nigeria Underwear Brand) from Ire Ekiti, Ekiti Nigeria.

He is an entrepreneur and social media expert who loves building sustainable businesses.

He is the founder of Flair Underwear (an indigenous underwear brand), Olawale is a graduate of Federal University of Technology (FUTA), Akure. Flair Underwear initial capital came from his last allowance received during NYSC.

In this interview, Olawale gives insights into his business, shares tips, and how he got capital for his startup.

Kindly tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Olawale Omotoso, I run Flair Underwear. I’m an entrepreneur and a strategist. I love creating simple solutions to problems.

Simply, tell us what your company is about:

Flair Underwear is Nigeria’s First Indigenous Underwear Brand, We produce quality and affordable men boxers with befitting fabrics neatly tailored to provide comfort. All our products are tailored, packaged and distributed in Nigeria.

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What motivates you daily to keep Flair Underwear running?

A lot of things motivates me such as the satisfaction we give to customers, the smile on the face of all our workers who are happy to be building something significant. Mass production and retail of Indigenous fashion brands aren’t common in Africa and we are on track.

How unique are the products of Flair Underwear?

Our customers are the ones who could give befitting answers to that but our focus has always been providing comfort with quality fabrics and unique designs.

How do you market this great product and who is your target market?

Our target market is men of all ages and we reach them through over 180 sales reps in 9 higher institutions, various shopping centres, and clothing stores and several resellers across 15 states of the country.

What will be your pitch to a potential investor?

Becoming a part of the team building the McDonald’s of the underwear market in Africa

What is the business model and how did you fund the idea?

Flair Underwear initial capital came from my last allowance received during NYSC.


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How do you foresee the underwear industry in the coming years?

I believe that in the coming years, people would know more about which underwear they should wear and what fabric should be useful and can place value on quality.

At what point will you say your company, Flair Underwear, is finally a success?

I would say Flair Underwear is a success when we are widely accepted and available on the shelve of every store nationwide.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered and how did you handle them?

Our major challenge has been market acceptance and talking to more resellers, store owners and clothing stores to give flair underwear a try on their shelves but it’s a mission that has no exit, we keep talking to more stores daily and it’s increasing

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What is the number one business advice you have ever received and which African entrepreneurs do inspire you?

My number one business advice is Activity isn’t the same as productivity, Work smart.

Thank you, Olawale!

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