The acceptance of one’s self is the essence of the whole moral problem and the epitome of a whole outlook on life because most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it. A young man who realized his poor academic performances but didn’t want to waste his life, begun to chase his passion. Oyebola Rokeeb Oyeniyi is the CEO of Kakaki Media, a campus media.

He had the chance to talk us through the beginning of his startup.

Oyebola Rokeeb Oyeniyi
I started my first business with 1000 naira only

Name: Oyebola Rokeeb Oyeniyi
Business Name: KAKAKI MEDIA
Contact Number: +2348103627898


Kindly tell us what your business is about?

Kakaki Media is a campus media which is focused on digital marketing, event coverage, and publicity, multimedia and journalism. Kakaki Media is not only a campus media but a creativity hub for students and non-students to explore into the world of media & digital relation.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

It evolved as a result of my poor academic ability and not wanting to be a waste. Media is something I have always loved and it’s a great opportunity to get started with self-confidence and I can boldly say it is one of my best decisions today.

Which gap did you see and intend to bridge with your business?

According to my research, there are many businesses and events lacking proper publicity. Business owners don’t know that the publicity strategy you use for water is different from that of fruit juice.

Does your campus inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in students?

Yes! There are many organizations on campus which are aimed at driving up the entrepreneurship spirit in students. E.g: Enactus Tasued.

How do you manage to combine both academic work and business so you are not adversely affected?

With my effective and efficient time management, I am able to combine the two.

How did you determine there was a market for your type of business?

As a student and a very social person, I attend many events, seminars and gatherings within and outside campus which made me observe that most events are well planned but not given enough publicity which can drive the audience to the venue. There are also many business owners on and off campus who lack the best publicity strategy for their businesses. I intend to make income through these faults.

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How did you manage to raise your startup capital?

The magic about the start-up capital is that I started with just 1,000 Naira. But the human capital is of high value because I maximized the use of resourceful people around me.

What is your business model and how do you make money?

I render a subscription-based service (Weekly, Monthly). My income is on a regular basis.

What challenges do you come across and how are you handling them?

The challenge I face from clients is that they find it difficult to believe your new brand but I use a strategy called Pro-Bono: where you have to render free service to get a recommendation or referral. But now that’s no more a challenge because before you subscribe, you are entitled to a trial subscription.

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Do you intend to continue with the business upon completing school?

Absolutely yes! because I  have some people who are looking up to me.

How did your colleagues and family respond to your new venture?

My colleagues love the idea and in class, they don’t call me by my name anymore but with my brand name. Some don’t even know me by name but by my brand. There are some lecturers in school already afflicts KAKAKI to my name

My family accepted everything I did except my dad, but as time went on I was able to convince him. He is also one of the people who call me, Kakaki.

What do you consider your most significant achievement so far as a CEO?

I have never gotten nor been nominated for an award personally, but with my brand, I have 3 awards and counting. Also, people see me as someone who is financially independent and want to be like me. I call myself: OJogbon Onimo Digital ati Ayara bi Asa (Master of Digital & Internet) 

What message do you have for college students who want to start their own businesses?

You will never succeed until you try, and you will never try until you start.

You do not achieve greatness by starting big but doing the little things one day at a time. Oyebola Rokeeb Oyeniyi is an inspiration to other young  Africans who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

Are you like Oyebola Rokeeb Oyeniyi? Let your story motivate someone else.

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