Initially, Instagram was a very popular social media platform with fun-loving kids. However, that has changed in recent times. Today, it has become a massive marketing tool. You will find celebrities holding sway here.

All sorts of brands have also embraced the tremendous opportunities that Instagram offers. For his reason, the desire by users to increase their list of followers is quite understandable. Here, I look at the basic tips for getting real Instagram followers fast. Learn more about it here.

Cross-Promoting Dedicated Hashtags

Instagram is a world of hashtags. In fact, it’s almost impossible to make any headway by ignoring hashtags. Because of this, you should start by developing a unique and dedicated hashtag. That hashtag should appear in your profile. More importantly, use it on:

  1. your brand’s receipts
  2. print ads
  3. store signage
  4. relevant brands

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Creative Use of Hashtags

Secondly, learn how to use hashtags creatively. Avoid using them haphazardly as they could backfire on your face big time. Often, you will be tempted to use one-word hashtags.

However, it’s worth stating that those aren’t the only ones available to use.  Also, avoid being boring.

Affiliate Marketing – Getting Started

Embrace Influencer Marketing

Spend time identifying the influencers in your respective areas of interest. After doing that, visit their profiles. Thereafter, contact or interact with them regularly. Position yourself in such a way that they see you as a favourite person or brand. Also, be notified whenever they post!


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