How to Backup website with free wordpress backup plugin

How to Backup website with free wordpress backup plugin

If you have been searching for free wordpress backup plugin that will enable you backup your WordPress website files, then look no further because is here to show you this free plugin and how to use it on your website.

It’s good to note that there are lots of free wordpress plugins that you cannot ignore as a website designer.

Before we proceed, you need to understand the reason why we must backup our WordPress website on a regular basis.

What is WordPress Website Backup?

WordPress website backup is just downloading or having a duplicate of or saving your wordpress website files/data for future use, this is to enable you restore your website any time you encounter issues like website break.

Working on an already published website is very risky most especially if you don’t have the knowledge of coding.

Some of the problems may be irreversible and may cost you all your longtime hard work.

It’s very pertinent to know that the first action to take on any live website is to backup your files if you are running maintenance activities.

Why should you backup your website with free wordpress backup plugin?

As a web developer it’s advised that before anything is done on your live website, you need to backup your website incase if something goes wrong.

Why the free wordpress backup plugin?

Hence you are working on a low budget. You still need to properly get things done without spending from the little you have. Running your website backup with this free tool will help you save some money.

The truth still remains that no matter how good you are as a web developer. There are things that you could do and it will cause your website to break. In some cases, you may not be able to reverse the action taken. The only solution to this is to re-upload your backup files and the situation would be saved.

In achieving this, there’s a special plugin we are going to use for this purpose. The name of the plugin is Updraftplus, very powerful and free tool for your WordPress website backup. I also advice that you should look for the web hosting platform that will offer backup service.

Meanwhile, I have written a post on how to install wordpress plugin,  just take a look at it for more details on how to install wordpress plugin.

Now let’s proceed, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on plugins then click on add new this will take you to WordPress repository where you will type in the search box Updraftplus.


From the search results locate the plugin and click on install, after installation click on the activate button.

Configuring your free wordpress backup plugin

It’s time for us to configure our free wordpress backup plugin and do the necessary settings for the plugin that will enable us achieve our goal which is website backup.

Always pay attention to the files you are choosing for your backup to enable you restore all the important data when the need arises.

From your WordPress dashboard again click on the settings and look for Updraftplus backup and click on it to move to the settings page.



Click on the settings to set the file and database schedule backup. Make sure you selected weekly as for the number of backup files to retain.

Leave it at two (2) for both files and database. It simply means that once every week that one backup file will be deleted from your storage. However the system will keep only the most recent files.



Move down to choose the remote place of storage. From the list there you will see dropbox, Google drive, google cloud, Microsoft azure, just click on the Google drive.

Another step would be to select the files to be included in this backup. Make sure that the plugins, themes and uploads were selected. Once everything is good then click on save changes.


Because you selected Google drive, you need to connect your website with Google drive. Just click on this link to select your Google account that you want to use for the backup.

Then click on the allow button. You would be redirected to a page where the setup will be completed.


We have completed the settings and it’s time to do our first backup. Click on the backup now button and wait for the backup to complete.

UpdraftPlus 1 1

This will take few minutes depending on the speed and file size. After the task you will see your website backup.

How do I restore my website with the free wordpress backup plugin?

Visit your WordPress dashboard and click on the settings to locate Updraftplus. From there you will see your already downloaded backup file click on the restore button.

You can also visit to see your backup files.

Try it an let me know what you think in the comments box below.


With this report, I believe that you now know the reasons for website backup. Anybody that followed this post to this stage will comfortably run a wordpress website backup without any hitch. It’s just clicking clicking all through. Try it and let me know where you are having challenges in the comments  box below.

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