Were you thinking about exchanging your Gift Card in Nigeria? An Amazon, Itunes, Playstore, gift card or any other gift cards for Naira?
Just before you jump in, read this article.
The article explores the basic things you need to consider before you trade your Gift cards or any fraction of coin be it little or bulk, and also directs you to the right place you can sell your gift cards and bitcoins locally and internationally at the best rates possible.  So before you go to anybody or any platform to sell your iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria ask yourself the following:
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Are they trustworthy?
In selling your gift cards/coins, you have to trust who you are giving your cards to so you don’t get ripped. It is advised you go with a brand that has stood the test of time and are affiliated with other well-known brands. One of such brands is CLASSIC XCHANGER, they have had top celebrities endorse them. Celebrities like Lasisi, Yung 6ix, Craze Clown, Nedu, Charles Okocha, Oluwa Dolarz etc.
What are their rates?
The rates matter as it is a business. You wouldn’t want to trade your cards/coins at low rates, so always ask what their rates are before you send in your cards.
Is the transaction convenient for me?
These days from just the convenience of your bed, you can go their website, it is really easy to use, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything or go through a tedious process to trade and get your payment. It’s as simple as ABC.
Do they respond fast?
When it comes to trading gift cards/coins for cash, time is of paramount importance. Any platform you chose to trade with must be able to respond to you in light speed. This, itself increases trust and reduces the chance of being ripped. I’ll largely recommend CLASSIC XCHANGER again because of their track record of fast responses as testified to by a lot of their customers.
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How fast is the payment?
After trading your cards/coins, getting paid shouldn’t come 4 years after. It should be instant: considering technology has made everything easier. With CLASSIC XCHANGER as soon as your card is confirmed, your wallet is funded instantly, you can now choose when you want to withdraw. Talk about convenience.
In conclusion, there are many platforms that’ll offer to give you cash in exchange for your iTunes and Amazon gift cards in Nigeria at an outrageous rate but you might end up being scammed. You have to be extremely careful and vigilant.
To avoid all of that stress, simply use CLASSIC XCHANGER They are the trusted brand when it comes to buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria.
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