Young people out there really dream of starting their own companies have been expose to the successes of many greats like Dangote, Mo Ibrahim, Sam Jonah, Oprah Winfrey, Strive Masiyiwa and a host of others.

The difficulty lies in actually taking that giant step to bringing brilliant ideas to life. Here are 7 identified reasons why you may be failing to launch your business.

1. They are afraid of failing

However, everyone who becomes great in life fails first. You won’t be the first or last. Let me advise you if you want to make any sort of impact in life, fall in love with failing because failing shows that you are growing. And the faster you fail, the better.

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2. They listen to the opinion of others who have never started a business

You can never rise above who you allow influencing you and your decisions. Listen to your inner voice that says, “You can make it.” Don’t allow someone who hasn’t done anything tells you that you can’t do something, he is just not experienced enough to tell you what a great idea looks like. Remember, you never know what you can do until you try.

3. They think their idea is not perfect

There is no such thing as a perfect idea. Even Microsoft has never sold a perfect product, that’s why they keep bringing out new versions letting us know that the previous version we bought was not perfect. Don’t despise your small ideas, launch out with what you have and mighty forces will come to your aid.

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4. They are waiting for a safe secure government job

We are all supposed to be creators of jobs and not consumers of jobs. Just imagine if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had focused on finishing school and getting a ‘safe and secure job’ there would be no iPad or even Microsoft windows. Stop waiting and start creating. The government may not create enough jobs, but they will not steal your creativity.

5. They have not taken full responsibility for their lives

It’s amusing to see that most young people between the age of 24-35 still live off their parents’ assistance. Micheal Dell started Dell Corp when he was 19 years old. Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft when he was 19 years old. What are you waiting for before taking full control of your life?.

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6. They believe the economy is bad

This should have been the first I guess but I’m deliberately writing it now and also will leave it short and simple “the world has its problem, and my own country, Nigeria, has its problems, but it’s the only world that we have and the only NIGERIA that we have.” It is still in this bad economy that Dangote, Adenuga, Tony Elumelu are making an impact, stop complaining about the economy and you will start seeing opportunities.

7. They hate to work

Let’s face it, what would make a young and vibrant person decide to look for a civil servant job where he will spend most of his 35 years plus in the office reading newspapers, gossiping, and asking for higher pay for sitting in the office.

The government may not create jobs but they have not stolen our creativity.

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What else do you think stops us from starting our own businesses. And don’t forget to share and comment to see what your friends think.

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