So you have just published that fresh blog post? Here are 6 things you need to do now…

1. Share On Social Media

As soon as you hit that publish button, you should make sure to spread the word about your brand new piece of content elsewhere. The fact is, many of us are now relying on social media more than ever when it comes to finding useful information. Make sure to always update your social media followers in order to get that much-needed traffic to your blog!

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2. Share Your Blog Post In The Next Newsletter

Starting a newsletter can be the next step in turning your blog from hobby to business. Despite all the changes in the online world, we’re still using e-mails on a daily basis and creating a list of engaged newsletter subscribers is the best thing you can do for your growing online business. Sharing a link to your post within your latest e-mail is definitely a great idea as your subscribers already expressed direct interest in your work & I bet they are definitely keen to know more.

3. Create Shareable Pinterest Graphics

Pinterest can be a magical tool when it comes to bringing traffic to your blog. To me personally, it’s one of my biggest sources of referral traffic & with only a few tricks I get new readers coming to my blog from Pinterest daily. Creating outstanding graphics that will help you stand out from the crowd is very important when it comes to succeeding on Pinterest.

4. Complete SEO Integration

Your content may already be good as it is, but paying a little extra attention to keyword research and integration can have a big impact on SEO rankings. We all know that Google algorithm changes quite frequently, so it’s impossible to catch on every single shift they make. However, some of the best, time-proven tactics remained consistent.

5. Include Relevant Links To Older Posts

Linking to your older posts is crucial. Seriously. Not only you will get your reader hooked on more of the content from your blog, but you will also help your SEO score big time. Make sure to keep adding relevant links to all of your posts and you will see a difference!

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6. Connect With People Online

It’s not enough to just post your link on social media if you really want for people to really engage with your content. Make sure to get on Twitter and research topics within your niche- tweet back and include a link to your latest posts. Help others, answer your audience questions and in general, just be ready to give your best attention to your readers.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, folks! Let me know what things you always do once a new post is published!

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