Thousands of websites claiming to really teach people how to make money online spread exciting “get-rich-quick” ads all over the internet. Most of these ads list their magic cash-spinners as “Learn How To Make Between $2,000 To $5,000 A Week”. Sound familiar? I bet I guessed right!

With the current economic recessions majorly caused by the crash in the global value of crude oil, many low-income earners & recently laid-off individuals fall prey to these internet gimmicks, and unknowingly, but indirectly, only make the advertisers millions every time they subscribe to their services or buy their books & videos.

It’s important to know that anywhere worth going is mostly never just around the corner. It takes a while to truly be successful. With this understanding of money, here are 5 home-based online business ideas that you can start today in Nigeria, and anywhere else in the world, that would show you how to make money online:

1). Selling On Online Marketplaces:

Online marketplaces like Marketsro, Jumia, Konga, Amazon, OLX, and more, are good places to start if you want to start making money online. The best approach for stores that aspire to launch e-commerce businesses on the long run, would be to set up merchant accounts on online marketplaces. This would help them double their inventories monthly, to enable them to build up enough items for a real launch.

Selling to someday own an online store, might not entirely be what everyone aspires for when selling on online marketplaces.

It’s always best to sell items that are not in highly competitive categories, and also have real market demands. You will need to test the market first by trying to sell several items before you finally settle for a specific kind of item you’re now certain a lot of people would purchase.

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2). Blogging:

While it still remains mind-boggling in many parts of the developing world that simply posting a minimum of three articles a week generates thousands of dollars in revenue for a certain number of individuals, blogging still remains a good way to make money online in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. Most bloggers generate the bulk of their revenues from online ad placements on their blogs, while many others generate revenues from affiliate marketing, selling products & services, sponsored posts, subscriptions, & videos.

Regularly writing creative, and highly informative content on an exciting niche topic that has an initial small interested community is a good way to start.

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3). Paid Articles:

Several individuals earn incomes from writing articles for various online magazines. Your writing skills here will either make or mar your relevance in this sector. First set up a blog, write a couple of insightful articles, then write to online magazines that publish the kind of content you’d want to write about. As you write highly informative and creative contents for more online magazines, your income would slowly rise.

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4). Online Surveys:

Digital agencies pay a certain number of people to engage in online surveys for various types of products and services. Sign up for a few, and participate regularly in their surveys. The income gotten from online surveys are usually little, but they’d help you pay some bills while you find a more profitable income stream.

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5). Digital Marketing:

Social media marketing, SEO agencies, and more make this a highly lucrative business opportunity. Many influencers on Twitter and Instagram, make high incomes from promoting brands, products, services, and more, on their heavily trafficked social media accounts.

Also, companies are constantly trying to get their businesses on the first page of google. This need has created a huge demand for SEO ninjas. Skilled in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you could as well have started your first online business. Contact small e-commerce businesses, bloggers, and other small businesses to pitch your services.

Perfect your digital marketing skills by reading books, attending online courses, and more. As you start to acquire small clients, word of mouth would spread, and over time, both your client size, client type, and revenues, would rise. If you’re struggling to get yourself recognised, it may be useful to contact a top digital marketing agency to help you out.

These are various business ideas and opportunities on how to make money online in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world. These five (5) are just a few, but enough to get your online business career started.

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What other online business ideas and opportunities are you aware of? Please leave a comment below.