The global job market is becoming more competitive as the clock ticks. We have compiled in this article a list of five free digital skills certifications that can help you compete favourably. You will find them helpful if you are a startup founder, tech employee or just a digital native. The certifications are suitable for everyone because of how we work and live is continuously changing as a result of technology.

Certifications are a good way to show potential employers and your clients that you can be trusted with certain tasks. Asides from the skills you will gain from these courses, they are a good way to display corporate credibility. Startup founders who are at the early stage and cannot afford to hire manpower would need these skills.

If your startup is at the advanced stages, you will also need these skills. You will need them so as to support the work your staff members do.

You may also need these skills so as to provide informed feedback to your digital marketing and social media team members.

These courses are not only valuable, but they are also completely free. They are provided by subject matter experts and leading companies in these areas. Do keep reading to find out what these digital skills certifications are.

5 Certifications to Add to Your Resume For Free

1) HubSpot – Free Inbound Marketing Course

This free Inbound Marketing Course by HubSpot comprises 12 classes. They will make you an expert on the subject. Some of the classes are listed below.

  • Optimizing your website for search engines
  • The fundamentals of blogging
  • Amplifying your content with social media
  • Anatomy of a landing page
  • Enticing clicks with call-to-action and a couple of others.

Inbound is simply defined as a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. The goal is to attract people to your offerings rather than chasing after them.

Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales platform. It provides the course through its Hubspot Academy platform. You can sign up for the course here.

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2) HootSuite- Social Media Marketing Training

HootSuite- Social Media Marketing Training

Although you have to pay a token to get the certificate for the course, the training is very valuable. This free social media training by HootSuite is a great resource. It teaches how to amplify your brand or startup on social media. The course is provided by the HootSuite Academy. Other free courses on the platform include the HootSuite Platform training and Social Selling course.

Hootsuite is a social media marketing and management platform. It was founded in 2008 by Ryan Holmes. The platform’s dashboard supports social network integrations for popular social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


3) Facebook Blueprint – Facebook Marketing Courses


These specialized courses are provided by Blueprint eLearning in conjunction with Facebook. These courses are for individuals and businesses. Additionally, they teach about how to use Facebook to grow a business. Learners will be required to pay a fee so as to get certified. However, the courses are free. The resource center contains 102 courses on Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Some of the courses offered on the platform include the following:

  • Ads in Instagram stories
  • Audience insights
  • App Installs
  • Boost Your Posts
  • Buying channels
  • Creating a Facebook Page
  • Engaging storylines with instant articles and many more courses.

There are two certifications that learners can take. These certifications are listed below

  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional
  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional

Learners will have to take exams for these certifications in a closely monitored environment. You can also find out all you need to know about Facebook Blueprint here.

This is number three of our list of free digital skills certifications. Keep on reading for the other two.

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4) Google – Digital skills for Africa

free digital skills certifications

Google Digital Skills for Africa is a learning platform targeted at African youths. It teaches them how to succeed with digital. It is suitable for business owners and employees.  Furthermore, the platform was created as part of Google’s goal to train 10 million African youths over the next five years. In less than a year, Google has successfully trained one million youths on the continent. Half of those who have completed the program are from Nigeria.

Google clearly requires no introduction. You most likely have used one of its services today.

Do keep reading for the last of our list of free digital skills certifications.

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5) Google – Adwords Certification


The Google Partners team is the provider of this course. It is more suitable for Digital Agencies or Freelancers. In order to become certified, you will first need to pass the Adwords Fundamentals course and any of the other Adwords courses. The course is listed below.

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising, or
  • Shopping Advertising.

Students will receive a personalized certificate from Google Partners upon completing the course. To complete the course, you will first be required to create a Google Partners account. You can learn more about the Adwords Certification here.

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Finally, you can also let us know other good ones we missed in the comments section or share your experience with these platforms.