Since Glo telecommunications introduced their new Night Browsing Plan, many of their subscribers have started rejoicing over the new discounted offer.

According to the last statistics released by the National Communication Commissions (NCC), Glo has the largest number of internet users in Nigeria.

With the cheapest data bundles they offer to Nigerians, they don’t seem to allow another telecommunications Network in Nigeria to overtake them.

Considering Glo’s cheap normal plans that come with vast data volumes, you cannot imagine the largeness of their Night Plans data volume.

Glo has huge night plan bundles depending on your needs or plans of using it.

Glo Night Plans and Their Subscription Codes

At present, Glo Nigeria has 3 different bundles that have Night plans bundles, with various data volumes, validity period and access time.

1. Glo Night-Only Plan

You can only access the Glo Night-Only Plan in the night from 12 am to 5 am. It has just one package attached to it with a validity period that is only durable for one night.

This means that whether you finish using the data volume or not on that night, it would expire at 5 am the same day you subscribed to it.

How To Check Your Data balance on Glo Network

2. 1GB Night-Only Plan

The price for 1GB night-only plan is N200 and accessible all through 12 am to 5 am. You are to use this 1GB data just one night, after which you have to buy another data bundle.

To subscribe to 1GB night-only Glo plan via SMS, send 60 to 127. For USSD Subscription Code, send this 12760#.

3. Glo TGIF Weekend Plan

The costs for TGIF data bundle is N500 only with a 3GB data volume, and it is valid for 7 days and accessible from 12 am to 5 am in the night for 30 days, and from 2 am on Saturday to 11:59 pm on Sunday (Weekend).

The TGIF is the plan with the kind of attractive data bundle that almost everybody loves and would like to purchase.

The TGIF N500 Weekend Plan

The price for this TGIF weekend plan is N500 with 3GB data volume and 7 days validity. You can only access this plan on Saturday from 12 am to Sunday 11:59 pm and Nights 12 am to 5 am.

To subscribe through USSD Subscription Code, just send 12761#; while subscription via SMS requires that you text 61 to 127.

No Need to Migrate Out of Your Current Tariff

Before you can enjoy night plans on telecommunications networks such as MTN and Airtel, you must migrate from your current tariff. But Glo is quite different as it does not require that you migrate from your current Etisalat tariff to subscribe to their Night plans.

Glo made it easy to subscribe again that same night if you finish your data volume given to you for your Night Plan subscription before 5 am.

If you have a normal data subscription already, it will not be tampered with when the night plan or the night and weekend plan takes over at the chosen time.

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How to Check Glo Data Balance

Glo has made it easy to check your remaining data volume by dialling 1270# or texting INFO to 127.

Another effectual way that you can check your Glo data balance is by dialling *777# >> 3G or 4G data Plans >> 4 (Manage data) >> 4 (Check Balance).


If you are considering an affordable and enjoyable night plan to use, try out Glo night plan to enjoy all the benefits that Glo offers to the users of this plan.

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