A man twice another man in quality, character, style, and personality, will undoubtedly be acknowledged and recognized in a community, a workplace or even in a social gathering. Therefore such a person is been held in high esteem and would be look up to in times of challenges.  Such a person is a warrior, not necessarily a combatant, but someone that wouldn’t find it difficult in safeguarding their community and their loved ones. This type of man is an ALPHA MALE.

Many men want to be that, but I wonder how many men would be willing to stand like David in front of Goliath. Now, I would be taken you through the following 10 signs which if you notice in yourself, your friend and family, or your children will let you know he or she or you’re an Alpha Male. Kindly read on.


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They have strength in time of pain and griefs, they possess the ability to act on their belief despite disapproval or danger. They are daring, they possess audacity, boldness, heroism and gallantry among other things. So think you have the courage? You might be an Alpha Male in the long run but remember we’re still a long way from the 9 signs so you better possess the remaining signs.


They are always ready to work with energy and commitment. Their untiring nature gives them a chance to work tirelessly until they finally achieve their aims and objectives.


Learning for some might look like climbing mount Everest, but an Alpha male, they find it the easiest to learn and they are always ready to learn. They’re brilliant in class, their super learner instincts keep them ahead of others.


For some, when they fail to achieve a purpose or target, it simply means the end of the road for them, but the ability lies in an Alpha male that never sees the end of the road they keep trying and trying until success is finally achieved.


They have a personal sense of resolve or firmness that makes them stick to or be faithful to their goals. They are determined and focus in all ramifications.


They lead by examples, in the way they walk or talk, or their doings they will be an example to others. They are persons others want to follow because they are honest, they inspire others through commitment and passion, accountability, decision-making capabilities and creative innovations. So far, do you possess any of the above signs? Well if yes, we are not done yet just keep reading.


Authenticity is simply defined as the true nature of a thing, or a person, not false but true. In this case, an Alpha male portrays himself in true nature, no faking or pretending about him. When he likes something or someone, he really meant that. No lies about him he comes through pure and clean in his ways.

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An Alpha male finds himself in the state of being like, admired or supported by many people. They are popular and well known in their environment and far beyond.


Alpha male has principles or standard of behaviour, they have a good sense of judgement and they know what’s important in life. The Alpha male is a man of value, and he makes the lives of others better by being part of them.

So far, we have gone through signs and behaviour you see in a man that makes him an Alpha male. whether or Not you are an Alpha Male.

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