PiggyVest is an ultra-modern platform or app established with the aim of integrating savings and investments. Since its introduction in 2016 as PiggyBank.ng, PiggyVest has transformed and is growing into a large financial management platform with products planned for the next few years to enable you to manage your finances better.

PiggyVest has more saving and investment products designed to help you manage and grow your finances, providing quality services to help achieve financial freedom by merging flexibility, simplicity, discipline, and convenience, thereby taking away financial stress.

Piggy Vest

Below are 10 things you don’t know about PiggyVest:

IT IS SAFE: PiggyVest is safe in a way that it keeps customers records with utmost and highly efficient security plans, as all financial information is encrypted and stored to a high-level standard, which gives no chance to third party interference. Also all transmission to its banking partners, and on its site is encrypted to the highest possible rating available. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.

EASY TO OPEN ACCOUNTS: PiggyVest accounts are easy to open, sign-up here to get FREE ₦1000:  set up your withdrawal accounts and activate your account by simply making your first deposit using a MasterCard, Visa or verve card. Set up your savings plan and just like that, you have your PiggyVest account right from your comfort zone.

REFERRAL PROGRAM: It gives room to referring, you can refer your friends and family, once you have at least ₦1000 in your PiggyVest main balance, you get your own link that you can share to your loved ones or on social media. You automatically earn ₦1000 when a friend you referred make his or her first payment of at least ₦1000. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.

PiggyVest Balance
Start saving with PiggyVest

PIGGY POINTS: Piggy points is a way obtained by PiggyVest to reward its users, the more you save, the more you earn. You can only save a sum of ₦2000 at once to earn points. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.

PIGGY SAVINGS: With Piggy savings, you don’t need to log into your account before you save as it is done automatically except you want to use the quicksave options and all transactions from your debit card will be visible on your dashboard. Also, an email receipt will be sent to you and you also receive an alert from your bank. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.

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SAVING PLANS: PiggyVest has introduced innovative products, from savings tools like Safelock, target and group savings, and PiggyFlex, to insurance products like its newly-launched TrackIt, which aids customers in becoming more effective at financial management. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.

WITHDRAWAL: Withdrawals are free, you can either set your own withdrawal dates or you make use of the PiggyVests 4 fixed withdrawal dates in a year. After you make a withdrawal request, your funds will be sent to your Flex Account, where you can withdraw to your set bank account anytime. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.

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INVESTIFTY: This feature on PiggyVest allows users to invest in carefully examined low or medium risk primary or secondary business opportunities, with each business opportunities coming with its own protection and coverage. Investment amounts varies depending on the type of investment. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.

INTEREST RATE: It also has an enviable interest rate, you get 10% per annum on Core Savings, 13% on Safelock and 10% per annum on both Target and Group Savings. Interest can also be disabled. Click here to start saving with piggyVest.


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